Search Engine Repair (Not Optimisation)

 SEO is a service offered by many marketing companies. Read on to find out what it is and how it may be sabotaging your online presence.


Why is SEO (search engine optimisation) used?

Getting to page one

Imagine you are a plumber. there are five other local plumbers, you'll use SEO to get above the competition.

Visitors on website

More eyes reading your website should lead to more phone calls. More phone calls lead to more sales and so on.

Selling more product

Whether you are selling tins of paint, clothing or food. You want to get it out to as many people as possible.

In an ideal world SEO is great

SEO makes perfect sense. Yes, we want to appear on page one of search results. Yes, you want more visitors and sales. Despite all the benefits there is a dark side to SEO.


The danger of SEO services

It is impossible to say that good SEO is easy. It is time consuming and expensive manual work. It is something that takes months to get a good result and mere minutes to destroy. 

Google and other search companies hate it

Search companies write their software to show the most relevant results to people. What happens when you try to cheat their system that costs them billions?

They actively punish bad SEO tactics

If you try to cheat the system, they will penalise your website by lowering it in search results.

These penalties last months if not years

You might never be aware of the damage. Your brand is being shown to less people online, lowering sales and visitors.

Good SEO relies on these areas to succeed


If your web page is hard to read and understand by humans. Then it will struggle to gain reach in search engines. There are no magic tricks, good design is king.


Google and other search companies place speed as a very high value. If your website takes longer to load then the competition, they will be higher than you in results.


Are people already discussing your brand? Is it negative or positive? Are you active on social media? Is your brand appearing on many low quality websites? (Backlinks)


Original and high quality content will make the biggest difference. If you want to dis-lodge the competition, become a regular content producer that drives search to you.

Avoid bad SEO companies

"We have special access to Google"

No one has special access to Google. This is akin to someone claiming they can break into a bank for you. This is a bogus claim.

"We have a complex method"

Good SEO is hard work but it is always easy to understand. If the provider can't show you how they will get you a good result, run away.

"Our pricing can't be beaten"

Beware of black-hat SEO companies. One tactic they still use is to spam links into comment sections on websites. Good SEO costs.


How we can help with SEO

If you have ever used SEO services in the past, chances are high we need to undo that work. Bad SEO will damage your presence online. We need to research what they did and undo those bad actions.


A clean, well presented website that loads fast and looks beautiful on mobile devices will play a big part.


Content is king in SEO. Videos, websites, social media. If you cannot produce this content in house, we can help you.


How do you compare to the competition? What would it take to be higher than them in search results?

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