Should you use WordPress?

Things to be aware of to help you make a decision


The Panama Papers 2016

11.5 million leaked files that would become known as the Panama Papers. The culprit was found to be a plugin on the Panamanian law firm’s WordPress website. In fact, this was a well-documented vulnerability that was “trivially easy to exploit”, as explained by Mark Maunder, WordFence founder and CEO. How secure is your WordPress site?

WordPress is the Internet’s most used open-source website platform, accounting for 28% of websites worldwide. Though it is not without flaw.


A perfect target for hackers

Like moths to a flame, hackers are drawn to WordPress to exploit poorly secured sites. 1.5 million WordPress sites were hacked in 2017 due to a security flaw. WordPress often has a larger number of security issues compared with other solutions.

The first 2 seconds are crucial. The average attention span has dropped from 12 to 7 seconds since the turn of the millennium. • If it takes 5 seconds to load a web page, 90% of users will not stick around.


How fast is your website?

Time is a precious commodity when it comes to being a website owner. We want to keep potential clients on your website, and so we make speed a priority. WordPress, with so many moving parts, can often slow down the user experience for those you want to reach. 50% of consumers have abandoned making a purchase because the site took too long to load

Website hosting becomes a black art rather than a reliable solution.


"Enterprise specialist dedicated optimised hosting"

Many agencies don't understand the technology

WordPress is reliant on many moving parts, whilst quite a few agencies are only able to deliver on the visual side. The technology underneath will work until it does not, then you have problems.

The cost of hosting sky-rockets

Due to this ambigiouty, the cost tends to go up to try and cover as many bases as possible. You'll also notice that the hardware requirements to run WordPress at fast speeds are much higher compared with other choices. Then there are the maintenance costs for support.

We can offer a number of alternatives to WordPress


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We're all about speed for our clients. Our success comes from helping them realise their goals quicker. There are websites from the 90s that are faster and more reliable than high end WordPress sites. Let us show you a better way.

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