Half of all website projects fail globally.

The project has been in the pipeline for months, with your money spent on the best solution you could find. When it finally arrives the organisation gains no impact on the people they want to reach and the net gain is poor.

Scope Creep. By failing to define key goals at the start, the work-load rises as requirements increase. Careful project management can prevent this.

Choosing based on lowest cost rather than solution delivered. To be able to deliver this, the provider has had to cut corners, despite many assurances.

A challenge for many companies, who try to do it in-house, is the lack of exposure to different marketing techniques that have been successful.

A familiar scenario:

"20-50 logo concepts, 5-10 rounds of revisions and tweaks, two months choosing the ultimate logo."

"We must create the perfect website, with multiple small tweaks of moving images slightly left or perhaps right."

We spend far too much time agonising over the method instead of focusing on the results of the project.

The primary aim of many organisations is to create a customer. You have a message to share and whether you are seeking sales, donations or influence. Even with the best looking marketing project on the planet, it can still fail. A mediocre project with clear goals, leaves the competition far behind.

What value will the project bring to your organisation?

Typically most clients when they start talking to agencies will not have measurable goals in mind for the project. If you can define what the result is in advance, the agencies main focus is not to deliver the best looking or most advanced solution, it is to deliver a valuable result in line with your goals.

Why you should work with Dara IT

Solution + Goals = Result

The solutions we deliver to you aligned with your goals. We work with our clients to understand their needs and if we cannot help, we don't waste their time by trying to bodge it.

Time you spend is valuable

Using our expertise in project management and client success. We not only deliver projects on time and on budget but we use the time you spend with us to deliver the best result.

In-House Technology Skills

We started out as an IT company that needed to deliver high end systems to our clients. With this bedrock of technical skill we don't need to rely on external parties to deliver.

From information technology to digital marketing.

We saw our clients problems

Regardless of the project size and budget, we kept hearing stories of unhappy clients after the results they were receiving.

We considered how to solve them

Combining marketing, technology and business strategy is an area we had already worked on for our clients. We began exploring to help our clients further.

The start of a new business divison

Dara IT Ltd offers our clients a full range of technology and digital services. Everything we do is focused on giving you a tangible result.

Do you have a complete solution for success?


Do your potential customers know who you are? How do they view you? Does your branding reflect the level of quality and message you wish to give? We can help you to to convey your true identity.


The mediums by which you tell your story. Websites, printed brochures and video content. All of it of sufficient quality and in line with your identity. Remember to go narrow rather than broad here.


49% of organisations are using marketing services without a strategy. There is a big difference between creating and developing a strategy for success. Chances are you might be in the 49%.

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